God Bless America

This french magazine Jalouse thought it would be a cool idea to shoot us wearing patriotic colored Kitsune clothes standing next to a Vietnam vet’s whip with an American flag paint job. I hope they have forgiven us for “Freedom Fries” by now. Wish I could read French. Can anyone translate?

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Classixx <3 pool parties

Our friend Glenjamn got some pretty cool footage of us starting our set at the Anthem Lagoon Coachella Pool Party a few days ago. It was pretty magical. More footage to come.

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Yashica Log: April 2010

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Baker St.

I thought about this old Gerry Rafferty song today. The sax is massive, but wait for the guitar break toward the end.

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Marshmallow Headphones

I recommend picking up these JVC Headphones. They cost about $20, and they’re superior to other earbuds in their price range. I just spent 18 hours on planes to Sao Paulo. My ears never fatigued while I enjoyed romantic comedies and audio books. Really nice hi’s, subtle lo’s, and light in the middle. I hate to sound like a salesman, but I want to let our friends in on this fortuitous discovery.


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