Classixx <3 pool parties

Our friend Glenjamn got some pretty cool footage of us starting our set at the Anthem Lagoon Coachella Pool Party a few days ago. It was pretty magical. More footage to come.

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Yashica Log: April 2010

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Baker St.

I thought about this old Gerry Rafferty song today. The sax is massive, but wait for the guitar break toward the end.

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Marshmallow Headphones

I recommend picking up these JVC Headphones. They cost about $20, and they’re superior to other earbuds in their price range. I just spent 18 hours on planes to Sao Paulo. My ears never fatigued while I enjoyed romantic comedies and audio books. Really nice hi’s, subtle lo’s, and light in the middle. I hate to sound like a salesman, but I want to let our friends in on this fortuitous discovery.


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We’ve been making ringtones and giving them away each month in our newsletters. We thought it would be cool to post em all up on here too. We made this month’s ringtone playing around in the studio on our brand new Moog Voyager. Ringggg.

Apr. ’10 Ringtone: Nikkei Index

Jan ’10 Ringtone: My Love

Dec ’09 Ringtone: Eddyt

Nov. ’09 Ringtone: Mallets

Oct. ’09 Ringtone: Dream Sequence

Sept. ’09 Ringtone: Arp

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